Smartphones may be quicker and cleverer than old phones, but a beautiful old telephone shows us that being fast doesn’t make up for class. Old phones, like a vintage rotary phone, are stunning. They add character and style to our...

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        The Rotary Phone Is Making Old Phones Fashionable

        “These rotary dials were like meditation, they forced you to slow down and concentrate. If you polled the next number too soon, you had to start over from the top,” wrote Rainbow Rowell. Old phones weren’t as fast or clever as today’s smartphones, but an old telephone has its own appeal - none more so than the classic rotary phone.

        What Is A Rotary Phone?

        The most famous of the old phones is the rotary phone, also known as a rotary dial. Today we have the simple digital dial pad, but this vintage phone has digits arranged in a circle so you can rotate the finger wheel to a fixed position for each number. Once you reach the number you want to enter on the finger wheel of a rotary phone, you pull out your finger and let the when return to its starting position. While you can’t see it, this action of setting and releasing the finger wheel interrupts the direct electrical current of the phone. Each number interrupts the current a different number of times so the electrical pulses can be decoded electronically. That’s why using the rotary phone is also known as pulse dialing.

        Why Is The Rotary Phone So Popular?

        Modern art progresses each year, yet more people visit the renaissance paintings. We can now buy modern electric vehicles, yet people still pay more for vintage cars. There is a wider range of new wines available today, but it is wines from decades ago that are the most popular. We clearly have an affinity for the vintage, and that extends to old phones. Many people today would rather pick up an old telephone than a flashy smartphone. That’s why many style conscious people are ditching their smartphones in exchange for a rotary phone as their preferred home phones. Old phones don’t have apps, but they have an aesthetic and sense of class that smartphones can’t match. Smartphones are clever, but the rotary phone remains a classic beauty. New phones appeal to our practicality, but old phones appeal to our heart.

        Grab Your Own Old Telephone!

        Give your own home that vintage feel with a 60s or 70s inspired phone or make someone else’s day by gifting it. Yellow Octopus’s range of phones are perfect gift ideas for baby boomers and gen x, who are reluctant to make the smartphone shift, or the new wave of hipsters wanting to hark back to yesteryear.

        So join the trend and put down your smartphone in exchange for a vintage rotary phone!