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We’ve got literally thousands of Christmas Gift Ideas for the whole family: presents for him, for her, for the kids and even Christmas presents for your dog! There's over 1000 awesome products to choose from at Yellow Octopus.  Top 10 Christmas Gift...

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      1806 products

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        My Travel Scratch Map - Travel Edition (Small) - Luckies of London - Yellow Octopus
        My Travel Scratch Map
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      • Yellow Octopus Digital Gift Card
        Yellow Octopus Digital Gift Card
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      • Crazy Cat Chaos Card Game - - Ginger Fox - Yellow Octopus
        Crazy Cat Chaos Card Game
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        'Ride With' Novelty Car Window Decals - Trump - ThumbsUp! - Yellow Octopus
        'Ride With' Novelty Car Window Decals
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      • Ride With Goggle Dog Car Window Decal - - Thumbs Up! - Yellow Octopus
        Ride With Goggle Dog Car Window Decal
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        Urban Greens Herb Grow Kits - Kitchen Herbs - Urban Greens - Yellow Octopus
        Urban Greens Herb Grow Kits
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      • Classical Wind-up Music Box - Greensleeves - IS - Yellow Octopus
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      • Jellycat Beige Riley Rabbit - - JellyCat - Yellow Octopus
        Jellycat Beige Riley Rabbit
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        Festival Survival Kit - - Gentlemen's Hardware - Yellow Octopus
        Festival Survival Kit
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      • Gaming Console Ceramic Money Bank - - mdi - Yellow Octopus
        Gaming Console Ceramic Money Bank
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      • My Travel Journal | Suck UK - - SUCK UK - Yellow Octopus
        My Travel Journal | Suck UK
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      • Mens Luxe Leather Football Washbag - - ThumbsUp! - Yellow Octopus
        Mens Luxe Leather Football Washbag
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      • Davis & Waddell Stainless Steel Straws - Set of 6 - - Davis & Waddell - Yellow Octopus
        Davis & Waddell Stainless Steel Straws - Set of 6
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        Wine Bottle Tie Corkscrew | Peleg Design - - Peleg Design - Yellow Octopus
        Wine Bottle Tie Corkscrew
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        Millennial Slang Playing Cards
        Millennial Slang Playing Cards
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      • Gold Inflatable Party Prince Crown
        Gold Inflatable Party Prince Crown
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      Whilst many in the Northern hemisphere celebrate Christmas under a thick cover of snow, Christmas in Australia is all about a warm weather and barbecues with family and friends – a mighty celebration of the year just passed. Christmas is a time for everyone to come together and eat, drink and exchange gifts (or coal if you have been naughty!)

      Once you’ve stuffed yourself silly and had a few too many beers, it’s time to plonk and hand out the Christmas presents. If you’ve shopped at Yellow Octopus you’ll have a mountain on unique Christmas gifts piled under the tree ready to put some smiles on some dials.

      Unique Christmas Gifts for Everyone

      One thing is for certain when it comes to Christmas, you’ll have a list of people to buy for a mile long. From close family, extended family, partners, work colleagues and friends, Christmas shopping can be an arduous task. You don’t want to be spending countless hours parking the car, lining up in countless different shops and carrying tonnes of gifts around with you. It’s a much better solution to get everything in the one place and have it delivered to your door. The problem is, what sort of store has something for literally everyone? With over 2000 items to choose from, there will be absolutely no problem finding unique Christmas gifts for your grandma, neighbour or even your kid’s teacher!

      Christmas Gifts should be fun, special and unique. But most of all, they should be jam-packed full of love. Xmas shopping can be full of stress though, shopping centres, finding a park, huge crowds, and massive lines at the checkout. Who can be bothered with all that fuss? The easiest and most reliable option is to shop online for your Christmas gifts, with Yellow Octopus of course. Get all your Christmas shopping done in one go, and have it delivered at breakneck speed right to your doorstep. We deliver anywhere in Australia and offer a range of shipping options including express and same day delivery (in Melbourne only) so you won’t get caught out on Christmas Eve; guaranteeing you very merry day indeed!

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      Find some seriously awesome Christmas gifts for mum

      When was the last time you spoiled your mum? Was it Mother’s Day? Shame on you…

      Get mum something special this year, something better than a bar of soap or a few sticks of incense. It doesn’t matter what your mother is into, whether it be cooking, baking, gardening or reading there’s bound to be something in our huge range.

      Tried and true Christmas Gifts for Men

      There must be a few blokes on your list to buy for! Serious Aussie men require some serious Aussie gifts. Whether his interests lies in sport or barbecuing. Drinking or gaming. Pop culture or fishing. It won’t take too find ideal Christmas gifts for dad or the perfect Christmas gifts for boyfriend.

      Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Family

      The first people you need to consider at Christmas time are your family; they’re always at the top of the Christmas list. If you need something for your dad, husband or brother, there are Christmas presents for men including the My Travel Scratch Map or the Ice Ball Maker. There are gifts for the kiddies to consider (and you know how seriously they take Christmas!), soft toys such as the JellyCat Bashful Bunny make ideal Chrissie presents. It’s widely known that Yellow Octopus is one of Santa’s first stop-offs for stocking up the sleigh. If it’s women’s presents you’re after then The Wine Glass Bottle is great for stressed Mums, or how about the Smartphone Projector for your wife so they can unwind and watch a movie on the big screen anytime they like. Then there’s the massive range of home décor items, crafty kitchen wear, great gadgets for outdoor living and a whole bunch more so if you're hunting down Xmas gifts for an interior design nut, then look no further.

      Christmas Present Ideas for Friends

      Good Christmas presents are hard to find. But just because the search is hard, don't give up and don't forget your mates! The best way to celebrate all the good times you've had over the year is to reward your pals with a great present. You probably won't spend as much on your friends as your family, but that's cool because we've got plenty of mid-level items perfect for besties, BFFs, schoolmates, uni buddies or lifelong friends. When you're starting out the search for Christmas present ideas, make full use of our filtering functionality which will allow you to stick within your budget.

      When everyone is sitting around the Christmas tree, everyone will be hoping that underneath the wrapping paper is a Christmas gift from Yellow Octopus. Don't forget you can always browse our Christmas present ideas by personality with our super easy to use gift finder! It’s easy to be the perfect pressie giver with Yellow Octopus. Even Santa will have trouble beating you around the tree!

      Achieving the status of ‘great gift giver’ is a feat easy to achieve with Yellow Octopus helping you fill your Christmas stockings. Make the season an extra festive one with our broad selection of presents for absolutely everyone. The problem with Christmas presents is they end up being the same, year in, year out. But that’s not the case with Yellow Octopus, as we buy stuff from all around the world, stuff that you haven’t even heard of. We ensure that all our Christmas gift ideas are unique, weird and wonderful. If you need Christmas ideas, and want things that inspire, we’re certainly not in the habit of selling anything boring for the festive season, it’s quirky presents all the way baby.

      Christmas Cards!

      What is a Christmas gift without a card? A pretty crumby one, that's what. Make sure your card is up to the standard of your Christmas present (and let's not beat around the bush, you've set the bar pretty high with a gift from Yellow Octopus!) We provide fully customizable Christmas cards on the website. Choose from hundreds of different designs, simply create your card and we will send it out with your order. Upload your own images and create a work of art.

      Corporate Christmas Orders...

      If you're in charge of sorting out corporate gifts for your company this year, don't let those stress levels reach an unbearable level, let Yellow Octopus guide you through the process. We can sort you out with attractive bulk discounts, fast turnaround time, tailored delivery options with free shipping anywhere in Australia. Forget about boring gift hampers or bottles of wine this Christmas, we've got literally got over 3000 unique gifts to choose from that are sure to make sure your corporate contacts have a very Merry Xmas.

      Secret Santa

      Looking for something for a work or family secret santa? Head over and check out our range of Kris Kringle Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

      Christmas Delivery on your XMAS Gifts and super fast!

      Santa's getting a bit of a reprieve in 2022 because Yellow Octopus's shipping is the next best thing to a sleigh! We're based in Melbourne, and ship EVERYTHING from our Melbourne warehouse, so it doesn't matter where you are you know you're going to get your gifts super quick. And if you've been naughty and left things to the last minute, we can provide express shipping (1-2 business days) and same day delivery within Melbourne. Make sure to check out our delivery times section to work out how long it's going to take to your specified area and of course our Christmas delivery cut-off dates.

      Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas:

      If you've left your run right up until the last minute, well you're probably normal, congratulations! Everyone is super busy around the Christmas period tying up loose ends at work, sorting out the Christmas tree, writing a list for Santa, preparing the carrots and cookies for the reindeer. All the usual Xmas stuff. And sometimes you forget to even think about the Christmas presents (which if you ask the kids are the most important part!) It gets to the last minute and you're thinking Christmas present ideas? Where? When? How? You know there's absolutely no way you're going to head to one of those pox shopping centers but it's also too late to order something online and get it delivered in time. We completely understand these problems which is why we have several options available for these sticky situations. We've got Xmas gift ideas even for the most disorganized of people! Option 1 is to go for express shipping which will get you the Christmas presents in a couple of days tops!

      But what if you've left it even later than that? Well, Melbournites are covered with our same day shipping option where it will take approximately 3 hours for your Christmas gifts to be delivered to your front doorstep. Not bad! But what about if you're not in Melbourne? We've still got you covered with Christmas present ideas that don't even have to be delivered. That's right, Christmas vouchers. These are the get out of jail free card for those who are completely and utterly shambolic when it comes to organising Christmas. Simply buy one of these online and it will get delivered via email. Xmas gifts don't get any more simple than that!

      Our Refunds & Delivery Policy

      - We ship out all of our orders on the same day!

      - Express orders to metro areas will be delivered next day

      - We offer a full 100 day FREE RETURNS policy. If you're not happy, we're not happy

      - We've got a 4.82/5 review rating on

      - If you send back an item that's damaged, we will pay for the return shipping

      Click here to check out our full refunds and returns policy or if you need something clarified check out our in depth FAQs section.

      Yellow Octopus, the home of Christmas gift ideas 2022 and the best Christmas gifts in Australia!

      If you need some help from the Yellow Octopus team we've put together this helpful guide on planning your Christmas

      Christmas Planning Checklist:
      The Complete Guide To Nailing Christmas Day

      Need some help planning out the festive season? Yellow Octopus is here to help. Before you can have all the fun, and experience all the unique gifts there is a lot to organise.

      Well In Advance (At least three but possibly 6 months in advance)

      Make a watertight family plan. Arrange where Christmas is happening and who is responsible for what. Get a rough list of numbers and make sure everyone knows what’s happening

      If there are friends and family travelling from overseas or interstate, make sure travel arrangements and accommodation are organised

      Eight to Ten Weeks Away:

      Get all of your plans on paper. Make a calander and stick it up on the fridge, include all the activities that will be involved for Christmas Day

      Prepare what Christmas food you can in advance and start stocking up the freezer. This will alleviate the pressure when it gets closer to the 25th of December (when it’s time to relax)

      Start preparing to mail out your Christmas cards – work out who is on your list, update it then stock up on Christmas cards so you’re ready to go when it comes time to scribe your Christmas messages

      Stock up the Christmas cupboard with staples such as Christmas wrapping paper, ribbon, bon-bons, festive serviettes and other non-perishable items

      Early November (Approx 6 weeks Before):

      Create your Christmas shopping list either on paper or using one of the useful tools online. You can even use the Yellow Octopus wishlist to great effect. Simply add things that you love as you find them then save your wishlist and come back to it later. Don’t forget to come up with a realistic budget to spend on gifts, and stick to it! Because it’s Christmas time, there is the tendency to want to go overboard and live above your means. But come January you will regret it!

      Start seriously Christmas shopping. The more time you give yourself the better. At least that is what some would have you think but at Yellow Octopus, you’ll only need a couple of hours so don’t fret. Starting your Christmas shopping early can be highly advantageous in that you can avoid the pitfalls around delivery. Leaving things to the last minute can have disastrous consequences such as receiving your order too late.

      Late November (4 weeks before):

      Finish off any online shopping that is not yet complete. Do the majority of it here at Yellow Octopus, of course. This should leave you with ample time to get everything wrapped.

      Keep in mind that hiding gifts may not be enough. If there are kids in the house they are sure to be on the lookout for any stray Christmas gifts that may be lurking around. The old present cupboard is a bad idea. A better strategy is to wrap gifts as you go, that way you’d have to be mightily naughty to find out.

      Do a Christmas stock-take. Make sure you thoroughly check everything from Christmas decor and decorations to glasses, cutlery, serving dishes. Don’t forget to check the easily forgotten stuff such as baking trays etc.

      You’ve already written your Christmas cards so that’s great. Now it’s time to pop them in the envelopes, attach a stamp and add the addresses. You’ll then have ready-to-mail Christmas cards. For an awesome run-down of how to address Christmas cards correctly, check out this guide from Australia Post.

      First Week of December (3 weeks before):

      Get your completed stack of cards, pop them in a sack and march on down to the post office. It’s time to mail out your Christmas cards to ensure they get there in time!

      Set up your Christmas tree. This is a great time to set up your Christmas tree if it is live one as it will stay fresh and retain it’s needles right up until after Christmas. If you’re using a plastic tree you don’t need to keep it fresh but it’s still nice to have it up for a few weeks before the big day. All your Christmas presents will be ready and raring to go, start stacking them around the base of the tree.

      Don’t be too late when it comes time to decorate. Whether you love going all out, or are more a fan of the understated look, the first week of December is the time to deck the halls.

      Finalise your menus and write a food shopping list. It’s time to start planning out the feast. This is also the time to order the key centerpieces of the meal such as the Turkey and Ham. These items are in short supply and must be ordered well in advance to avoid disappointment. Make sure to talk with your butcher and get the correct cooking times for the meat.

      A Couple of Weeks to Go (2 weeks out):

      If you’re lucky, you might have already knocked off work for the year. This is the time to start shopping in earnest. Stock up on booze and non-perishable items. It’s time to get anything that can be stored in the pantry. You’re bound to forget things, so an early shop gives you time to work out whatever you missed so that you can pick it up when you do the fresh food shopping closer to the date.

      Make the Christmas pudding. If you intend on having a Christmas Pudding, these will keep. Additionally, you may want to consider starting to cook things that can be frozen. The more you can do now, the less you will have to do closer to the day.

      One Week to Go:

      It’s now getting to the home stretch – time to start pulling everything together!

      Give the house a massive clean from top to bottom. Really get in their good. You’ll probably have to give it a quick once over immediately before, but this should break the back of it. Don’t forget to empty out the fridge as much as possible so it’s ready to be filled with Christmas goodies.

      Once the house is clean, if you have guests staying this is the time to set up the guest room so it’s ready to go.

      3-4 Days Before:

      Finish off the shopping. It’s time to get all the fresh items and any pantry items that you may have forgotten.

      If possible, set the table now. If you don’t require the table for anything then you may as well get everything laid out and ready to go. A Christmas spread is a complicated beast so it may take some fiddling to get the table set out to your liking. If you’re being super nerdy you can take a sketch of the layout

      2 Days Before:

      Time to dust the apron and get in that kitchen. You’ve got a swathe of hungry guests arriving in 48 hours and time is running out. But don’t sweat it, you’ve got this. You’ve probably already stashed a few things in the freezer, the plum pudding is done so things aren’t that bad. Just start chugging through.

      Get some fresh flowers to make sure the house looks lush and fresh. 48 hours before guests arrive is a perfect time to purchase fresh cut flowers as this will give them the right amount of time to open and bloom so they will be cherry ripe on the day. Buy your flowers any sooner and they might start to turn, any later and they won’t be ready.

      The Day Before:

      This is when you can finish off all the little odds and ends. Hopefully, if you’ve followed the checklist you’ll be totally organised and on schedule and there will be barely anything left to do.

      In no particular order here are the last things you want to complete before the big day: finish any last minute wrapping of presents, cool any beverages from room temperature, recharge the battery on the camera or video camera, quick tidy up.

      Congratulations, you have made it to Christmas Eve without self-combusting or murdering someone. You are now totally organised for Christmas Day so sit down and relax, it’s time to kick up your feet and enjoy a well earned drink.