Everyone cares about their birthday, even if they say they don’t. Make sure the people you care about have a memorable birthday this year. You can rely on us to have weird, bizarre, zany, wacky, freaky birthday gift ideas for all ages. You can feel hopeless searching for the best gift ideas, like a Shih Tzu chasing a Lamborghini. We’re here to save you. Your modern-day knight in shining armour. Well, more like elves in shiny overalls shipping birthday gifts across Australia from our magical birthday gift factory, run by our leader Ollie the Yellow Octopus. Odd I know. But Ollie is full of birthday gift ideas so you don't have to look high and low.

You can actually be the modern-day knight in shining armour. Our unique birthday gift ideas will make you the hit of any birthday party. The creativity and fun of your unique gift will even outshine that cheque from your rich Uncle Juane Percente.

Eyes are wide with excitement like surprised owl and heartbeat rising like a cat in a dog park. From here it can go one of two ways.

Either they open your birthday gift and thank you in a high pitched voice to cover their disappointment or squeal with genuine delight.

It’s up to you. Choosing birthday present ideas can be tough. To make it easy we’ve put together a bunch of ideas for every occasion to help you choose. Whether it’s for Mum, Dad, friends, a special someone or kids there a many fun birthday present ideas to make every birthday special. Even your surprised pet owl’s birthday.

If you'd like to narrow down your search you can always shop by a particular milestone such as 21st birthday30th birthday or 40th birthday for a more refined selection of birthday present ideas.

Birthday gifts for friends

Rude. Inappropriate. Immature. This is why we love our friends. They’re the colour in this politically correct world we live in. If we were animals in a zoo, our friends are the monkey throwing poop at the looking glass just to make us laugh. Embracing that attitude makes for excellent birthday gifts for friends.

Ever been drinking with a friend and thought, “It’d be great if I could finish this beer in the next 3 seconds?” Now you can. A Beer Bong will allow you to get drunk quickly. You could even drink 2 beers in 6 seconds. Because efficiency is key when drinking…

Or perhaps our famous “UNT” mug as a birthday gift. FYI, some immature people could argue the handle looks like a “C” in front of “UNT”. Insults are how we let our friends know we love them. We Aussies are odd that way. Now every morning over coffee your friend will be reminded how much of an “unt” they are (i.e. how much you love them).

Birthday gifts for Mum

Mums rock. Well not actually. There aren’t many mothers rocking out at Big Day Out or a Foo Fighters concert but they’re amazing all the same. Sentimental birthday gifts for Mum are a great way to say “Thanks Mum”.

Mums love drinking tea and coffee. They’ve got to get the energy to keep up with their kids from somewhere. A giant ‘Mum You’re Bloody Awesome’ mug or a ‘Mumma Bear’ mug get that point across.

Birthday gifts for Dad

We can’t forget Dad. That wouldn’t be fair would it? Whether it’s his 30th, 50th or any birthday before, between or after, birthday gifts for Dad matter.

A ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ mug is always a prestigious trophy for any father. Take your pick from a mug with a bell to ring when he wants a drink, a picture of everyone’s cartoon Dad Homer Simpson or a message written in Australian English: ‘Dad you’re a bloody legend’, all our novelty mugs make great, affordable birthday present ideas.

If he’s a new Dad the Pregnancy Book for Men might be a good bet. If he’s an old Dad, our sandal socks (socks that make it appear he’s wearing sandals) will let him know you accept him growing old ‘gracefully’.

Milestone Birthdays & The Right Birthday Present Ideas

Everyone has a birthday every year, that's a fact. But there are some that are way more important than others. Nobody really cares when you turn 23, but your 30th is a really big deal. Same goes for your 18th, 21st and 50th. Buying gifts for a milestone is a bit different because you want to get something that really pops, really stands out! This is your time to show the person you care about how much you really care about them.

Our guide to selecting the perfect birthday gift: 15 Awesome Tips for Giving like a Pro

Take not of the person's key interests and hobbies and write it all down on a piece of paper.Make a big list of birthday gift ideas based on these key areas of interest.Whilst it may be hard, try and find out what they do and don't have.Set yourself a budget for the birthday gifts.Bring up some of your ideas casually in a conversation subtly. You may be able to guage their reaction when you mention something that you're considering.Start striking things of the list.Consider chipping in with friends or family to get something more special for a milestone birthday.There is no shame in a gift voucher if you are completely stuck for inspiration.Somethings people get caught up on buying one big thing. Consider downsizing in price and getting them multiple smaller items. You can bundle them all up in a gift box!Presentation is everything when it comes to a gift. If you're not a great wrapper, considering asking somebody more skilled to help you out (ask them for their personal birthday present ideas while you're at it).A great birthday card is just as important as the present itself. Putting a bit of thought into which card you choose and what message you write can make all of the different.Nobody appreciates a late gift giver. Birthdays aren't the time for IOUS. Get organised so you can deliver your birthday present on time!If there is going to be a big party, consider catching up with the person outside of the party environment so that you can give them the gift in a more intimate environmentDon't be offended if they aren't jumping off the ceiling when they receive your gift. They are sure to appreciate it deep down, and everyone reacts differently!What goes around comes around. If you make your self a great gift giver, you will receive great gifts in return!